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Vlog #1

Well, after quite awhile, I have finally gotten the computer and the video camera to cooperate. This is the product (sorry it's so grainy; I blame Photobucket):

Hi. My name is Sarah [namesign]. I finished ninth grade last Monday. Yey! I am VERY happy school is over. My favorite class was Latin, but I did not like the teacher. I never had a real class in ASL. I learned from my friend L. Her brother is Deaf. L and I started the Deaf Culture Club in our school. My English teacher, CK, is our advisor. Tell me how well you think I sign. I teach myself a lot. Thanks!

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You might want to get a book on ASL grammar but other than that you're lookin good kid :)
Thanks! I have a book, but I haven't had much chance to put any of it into practice. Any specific pointers?
subject object verb

instead of the english subject verb object.
When I started learning ASL I tried to teach myself from a book too, but there's really no substitute for interacting with Deaf people and others who are fluent in ASL. (I'm sure you've probably heard that many times, but it's true.)
I would recommend looking at some of the sign language dictionaries online, because a video clip is much better at portraying a sign than a still picture in a book. I use ASLPro when I need to look stuff up, but there are other websites. If movies aren't helpful, there are also sites like this.
In your video the only sign that I really had trouble understanding was "teacher," although you may have learned the sign differently than I did.
Keep up the good work and have fun! :)
I've just started signing and I've been teaching myself and I understood alot with the transcript. :)