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I tried to say the following, but I'm new to ASL and signing in general, so I probably didn't get all grammar right:

Hi, my name is Alyssa. I'm new to ASL. I live in Austin, Texas -- IT'S HOT. I am a student at Austin Community College. I always like to make new friends.
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Your signing was awesome.
Wow, thank you! I really appreciate it!
when you use your whole hand on your chest, it means MY, not I/ME. I agree with drivebyluna, though, your signing was great! I need to work on my reading fingerspelling! :) Cheers!

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When I took the class last year, my professor (who is Deaf) told us that she'd dock points if we mouthed the words. It became a habit for me not to mouth words at that time, but I've pretty much broken that haha