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Is this community dying?

Here's my second vlog! :)
This was from Friday morning.

Hello! How are you? I'm happy because I finally found my video camera. Now I can post V-L-_-G V-L-O-G L-J. [I formed the letters in the first spelling of vlog badly...sorry!) *coughs* Sorry, I'm sick. I'm at home, not in school today because I'm sick. Sad. But I feel a little bit better now, and I hope I feel a lot better tomorrow because my best friend's birthday party is tomorrow night. I go there. (duh) [I meant to say something like, "I *really* want to be there", but I didn't think about it right.] What are you doing this weekend? Ohhh, and my aunt, uncle, and cousins are coming to my home because my uncle plays old-fashioned [I really don't like how I did that one] B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L *mimes swing bat* (sign yeah? [by which I meant, "is that how you sign it" but I didn't say that]). He has a competition N-E-A-R *shrug [how sign?] my home. He and his family is coming to my house for two days. Exciting! He has two daughters, one very little and one a baby. They are SOOO cute! Now I think I'm going to go and eat lunch. [video freezes, but it was supposed to say "see you later"]
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