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This week's blog

[CLICK ME] 3.24 mins




Date: 10th of July


Today I started my new job. I work as a carer for disabled children at a place near Clydebank. I was nervous about starting the new job, but I think I was ok. I got a lift in a car form a new friend, David. He’s a good man.


Last Saturday, I met my friends Korrok and Jon. Jon is here in Scotland on holiday, and he lives in the USA. We went to the pub for the whole afternoon, and I was pished. I’ve tried to meet some different friends, Kelpie and Dask. There’s a problem meeting, we all work different hours.


I’m ill – hayfever.


*insert tea break, I just got in from work and I was gasping*


Sorry, I was telling my partner I really needed tea.


Tea is awesome.


My sign assessment is tomorrow. I’m ill. I’ve had no sleep thinking about the assessment.


I’m finished, I’ll see you later!



3.25 seconds.


My finger spelling just doesn’t improve. *head desk*


And I screwed up the friends bit, especially at Kelpie and Dask. I forgot to point to them. D’oh. And I need to learn more words – like drunk, about and every.


I do genuinely believe I am getting much better.


For non BSL users, this isn’t a direct translation, because in English it would sound really clumsy.


e.g. “ Me sign assessment tomorrow. Me ill. Me no sleep think assessment.”


Sorry the image is so dark, I normally record these blogs in the morning but I didn’t have a chance to record it.

From here on in, I'll post all of my blogs here monthly, since I feel a bit awkward being the only person who posts regularly.
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