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Hi, this is my ninth vlog, my name is Chelsea (FS) other known as ((NAMESIGN))

This is my last vlog as a 16 year old, I will be 17 in three weeks..

Last video I did was at the beginning of the school year, now I’m really enjoying school, I’m not lost on campus anymore.. the work is challenging but it keeps my mind occupied

One thing I haven’t talked much yet in my videos is my beliefs

I’m a Christian ((JESUS+PERSON))

More important to me than anything else in this world, our culture, books, tv shows like Veronica Mars (shows dvd) .. it is my life. It is what I live for. He is awesome. He is so good to me, and reminds me daily how much he loves me. I am so thankful for him. I never try to force my beliefs on other people, so don’t get me wrong — this is just really important for me.. it is something that everything I do in life is connected to.

Even brushing my teeth — I do that so people aren’t turned off by my bad breath and are more open to what I’m saying. Life’s really short.. I’m trying to make the most of it with God.. I’m not trying to scare you, but… life is really short.. you never know when your last day here will be, you never know when your last hour will come to pass. Try your best to have no regrets.

(at this point, I catch my sister watching me record and I turn off the recording momentarily)

If you have any questions about what I believe, please always feel free to message me so I can explain more in detail.. this is crucial. Please don’t hesitate.

In other news..

I have been really enjoying life. I believe I am at the happiest that I have ever been in life. I’ve never felt this happy before.

I actually feel self-confident and I’ve been trying to reach out and I’ve ben making a lot of new friends and.. and you know, it’s just really good right now.. I’m very thankful right now. God is so good. Thanks for listening to me rant :) Bye.
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