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LiveJournal isn't what it used to be.

This week's BSL blog

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Date: 4th July.

Next week is my first sign assessment. I'm very nervous.

Last month, my old high school art teacher asked me to help some children paint a mural. Last week we painted the mural. I enjoyed working with the kids and my old teacher. I enjoy art, and I studied art at university.

Last Wednesday, I'd been to my sister's graduation. My sister has now finished university. My sister got a 2.1. I'm really happy about it.

I'm finished. I'll see you later. Bye!


This has been a quiet week in the life of Padfoot Blackshuck, so sorry it's not an exciting blog.

Um. I really need to work on my facial expressions. I'm too busy thinking about what to say, that I don't focus on the expressions I should be using. And, just don't mention the fingerspelling, oh how i hate it!
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