Chelsea (kat89) wrote in signing_blogs,

Vlog for 2006-08-26

long time (forgot to sign no) no see
well.. my name is chelsea
name sign
i started senior year last week (signed last year instead of last week cause nervous)
rough 1st week
got lost on campus first day of classes
two maps on campus on two different sides of campus, one is new and one older
very confusing

(adjust camera)

over the summer I helped out at my dad's law office
other than that, didn't really do anything else
boring summer, but I think it was good for me to experience
not everything in life has to be a party.. (shrug)

have you noticed how wonderful my hair has been lately?

ive been using baking soda (hold up container of baking soda)
and every 3 washes I use apple cider vinegar (hold up apple cider vinegar bottle)

it's really good and saves money
(adjust camera)
saves money because 5 dollars can buy manymonths' worth of shampoo
but with store brand must pay 5 dollars for one small bottle that might last a month at the most
check text version of this blog for recipe

a disappointing thing happened a few days ago.. I found out I can't do camp alta.. something I've been wanting to do but I guess it's not God's timing..

but still disappointing for me cause I've been looking forward to it all summer and now they spring a NO on me because I'm deaf

I looked into ADA laws but it won't work cause small, nonprofitable, less than 50 employees can't really push the law on them cause of those

just hope and pray that I can be able to do this in dec


being a senior is kind of fun. so far. I know it's probably going to get more stressful as time goes on and college gets closer.. but oh well.

*adjusts hair*

it's all good, I guess

this is my room.. wanan see?

(moves camera around)

and TC!

(does closeup of tc's cage, points)

(sets camera down, says one minute!)

(gets TC out of cage)

(does closeup of a sleepy TC licking my hand)

(sits down)

my baby.. TC.. hamster, dwarf.. not gerbil, nor a rat.. this is a HAMSTER.

(shows TC grooming herself then trying to check out the webcam)

(fades out with me snuggling with TC)

The video. (Six minutes and forty seconds)


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